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We've sort of been neglecting the group... but yet somehow its popularity is only increasing! We're very thankful to all our members and contributors who have been submitting deviations and such like while we have been merely observing from a distance most of the time. Well done to you all. Have some cake.

It's nearly summer holidays now, so we're going to be being more active here, and hopefully make this page more like a group rather than a collection of pictures. Stay tuned for more!!
On the 21st December, the admins of CAKED got together and held the first official celebration of CAKEDmas. This annual festival will be set on that same date every year, and for future occasions we would like to invite all members of CAKED to enjoy a day of festive merriment and huge gaming fests all day long.

In other news, I have begun work on an Alien Swarm campaign; Kit :iconkitman1973: assures us that pl_downpour is making good progress, although this is limited by Eleanor :iconelenxi: not doing anything to help; Conor :icon123434conor: is planning on playing through Amnesia: Dark Descent to see how scary it will be (videos to follow when our YouTube channel is up and running), and Alex :iconr3dn4x3l4: has had us all watching movies with Japanese manga lesbians. Fun tiems :D

Um... think that's all...
Nothing else important springs to mind...
Oh yeah! Merry Christmas to you all!! ^_^
We now have a chatroom on deviantART!!…
The chatroom is for group discussion about... well, just about anything. Come in and have a chat!

These are the rules:

:bulletred: Be nice! Be polite to all fellow members and guests.

:bulletblue: Mild swearing is allowed, but excessive foul language or phrases relating to inappropriate themes will result in cautions, and repeated offences will earn you a ban.

:bulletred: No spamming.

:bulletblue: No spamming.

:bulletred: No spamming.

:bulletblue: No spamming.

:bulletred: No spamming.

:bulletblue: No spamming.

:bulletred: No spamming. See, it's annoying, isn't it?

:bulletblue: Don't troll people just for the fun of it.

:bulletred: Any general dA policies.

:bulletblue: Do your best. For science.

That's just about it... hope to see you in the chatroom!!
yay! the teams together :D

now we can only do our best...

for science...

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